Warrington Business owners have a responsibility to protect their workers and the people who visit their building. A potential fire is one of the many things that they must be protected from. Luckily, protecting workers and visitors from a dangerous fire is not difficult if you understand some of the basics of fire safety as well as local fire safety laws.

First, you should consider the three primary components of any fire. These are a heat source, a fuel source, and oxygen. Most items in a building can be considered a fuel source, such as wood, packaging materials, furniture, paper, and chemicals. The heat source is responsible for ignition. A heat source could include electrical equipment, lighting, and heaters. Anytime these the three components are in close proximity there are certain safety measures that must be in place.

Inspecting The Building

Fire safety law requires that every business owner must have a fire safety risk assessment in Warrington processed for their building. This assessment must take place on a regular basis to ensure that the building remains up to code in terms of safety regulations. The assessment is handled by a third-party company either as an independent assessment or as part of a larger risk assessment for the building.

The primary objective of the fire safety risk assessment is to identify potential fire safety risks as well as people who may be at risk if a fire would occur. A fire safety risk is usually identified when the aforementioned three components of a fire are in close proximity. Thus, if a room has an ignition source and a fuel source in close proximity, then there is a potential fire risk (assuming oxygen is present). If people work in that room or visitors use the room, then those people are the ones who are at the highest risk.

Often times, there will be other elements included in the assessment. The company handling the assessment may evaluate the severity of the risk and may provide advice for controlling, reducing, or eliminating the risk. They may also help create an acceptable evacuation procedure should a fire occur in the building.

Responding To The Fire Risk Assessment

It’s up to you to ensure that your Warrington business is up-to-code following the assessment. Fire risks will need to be minimised and controlled. Ignition sources and fuel sources will need to be kept at a safe distance from one another. Equipment for fighting fires will need to be present in the building and at the appropriate locations. There will need to be fire exits and fire escape routes that are clearly identified and never obstructed.

It’s also up to you to train your workers regarding appropriate fire safety and regulations. They will need to practice fire drills so that they understand how to react should a fire occur. By following these fire safety laws and responding to a fire safety risk assessment you can minimise the risk of a fire occurring at your business as well as the minimise the damage caused by such a fire.